Building Your Email List & Email Marketing Best Practices

This much we know: email marketing serves as an essential next-step for any business looking to grow into a brand with a consistent and dependable image.

This much is fact: gaining subscribers for your email list isn’t something that just magically happens.

So, how does a business go from having subscribers which consists mostly of internal employees and family members to having a robust and organically built mailing list? You may be surprised to learn that building a robust list involves fairly straightforward tactics that any business can utilize.

Make Your Audience Want to Sign Up

Next time you visit a website, whether it is ecommerce, news based or a static business page, take note if there is an email subscription opt-in field, and where on the site it is located. Also take note if you feel at all compelled to share your email. We’re willing to bet that unless you already have a connection with a business or brand, you won’t feel compelled to share your email. It’s important to realize that the majority of visitors to your site will likely feel the same. Therefore, the question now becomes, how do you make a visitor want to share their email address?

Ecommerce Site:

One tactic commonly used by ecommerce sites is to offer potential subscribers an incentive- most often a discount on future orders. So how can your website effectively communicate something along the lines of, “Subscribe to our mailing list and get 10% off your next order”? Easy, just say it with a banner or homepage slider.

Email marketing services such as MailChimp will allow you to create a signup form, that while identical to any other used on your site, will auto-reply to a subscriber with a custom message. This custom message can be an email which welcomes a new subscriber and presents them with their promised promo code. You can link any banner or slider to this specific signup field.

You may be concerned with customers using an introductory promo code more than once. We cannot speak on the behalf of all ecommerce platforms, but platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce can allow you to limit a customer’s use of a promo code to just one. This is done by identifying their checkout information or IP address.

Additionally, for any visitor who eventually becomes a customer, you can offer an option to subscribe to your mailing list during the checkout process.

Static and Standard Business Site:

If you’re looking to build a mailing list for information based or static website, then you’re faced with a slightly greater challenge. We recommend a tactic similar to that above- that being the use of a banner or homepage slider which calls for action. However, because you’re not in the business of selling a product online, then an incentive such as a promo code has no use. Instead, you must be willing to develop a freebie or a takeaway.

If your site happens to run a blog, then curating that content into an eBook as a digital download can serve as an appealing incentive. Likewise, if you have a collection of whitepapers or case studies which you are willing to share, curating an eBook can not only serve as an incentive, but also help your business become an authority.


The frequency in which you send your marketing emails will have an effect on engagement as well your overall brand image. No business wants to appear to come off as pestering, and likewise, neither do they want their subscribers to forget about them. According to data collected from Campaign Monitor (read more here), the optimal frequency rate at which to send emails is either on a weekly or monthly basis. We agree and would suggest that ecommerce based business follow a weekly (or bi-weekly) sending schedule, while news based or static business follow a monthly schedule.

Above all, we would like to point out that frequency falls second to consistency. It is crucial for your email marketing efforts to follow a strict schedule. If you decide to send emails at 11AM on Tuesdays, then always send at 11AM on Tuesdays.


We truly feel that email marketing is essential for any business. Want to know what other marketing tactics we feel are essential? All you need to do is contact us. Let’s Talk.

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