Outsourcing your Customer Service Part Two: What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s say you’ve done your research and identified a handful of businesses which could effectively handle your customer service. This research likely also came paired with articles online which spell out what to look for when outsourcing and what your expectations could be. As a result of this research, you may have also held internal discussions with your employees to gather opinions and concerns that resonate with your business. You may have already accepted that outsourcing your customer service is the most logical next-step for your business, yet you still feel reluctant to move ahead.

We want you to know that this is normal, and that Datapak’s own Monica Clark has something to say about it. If you recall from our previous post, Monica Clark is Datapak’s Customer Service Manager. Her experiences, which span more than 30 years, include working with AT&T, Time Warner and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Clark is also HIPPA certified. HIPAA certification, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, means that Clark is able to teach to industry standards regarding the handling of highly protected personal information.

Again, we posed a question to Clark-

You’ve had many years experience working in both in-house and outsourced customer service roles. What, if any, are the initial fears or hesitations that businesses have with outsourcing their customer service? What do you say to try and ease any of these worries?

I think the biggest fears that many businesses have are as follows:

  1. The customer service will simply not be handled properly
  2. The accountable staff will not be properly trained
  3. And perhaps the biggest fear- the customer will realize that they are not speaking with the actual company.

And although this is a specific example, another issue arises when the customer service is handled overseas. If this is the case, then a business owner may rightfully fear that their customer may dislike having to deal with a language barrier.

What I say to business owner is this- You must be willing to rely on the strength, knowledge and professionalism of the company who will handle your outsourcing. Listen closely to the diction of those you speak with. Although it may seem obvious to read this now, if they are not well spoken, their staff probably won’t be either.

It is advised to ask any potential outsourcer about not only their specific training procedures, but also how their agents will be trained to best represent your business. You should expect to hear that you or a representative from your business will play a role in building any specific training modules.

The above can not only ease the second fear listed, but also the third. The right outsourcer will stop at nothing short of having their agents give the impression of sitting at your company headquarters. Again, this is achieved through proper training on their behalf and with direct input from your business.

In short, perception becomes not only the business’s reality, but more importantly the customer’s.

We’d like to think that Clark’s last sentence above can be usefully applied to not only this topic, but to many elements of your business.

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