Order Management

Increase profitability. Stay organized. Streamline operations. Exceed expectations. Earn brand ambassadors and fans. Enhance intelligence. Boost growth.

We’ve been perfecting it for 28 years

Datapak’s trusted Order Management System has held a leading role in the growth of startup companies into some of the world’s most respected brands. As consumer buying behavior, technology and our clients’ business needs have evolved, our in-house technology team continually enhances our proprietary software.

One system to manage it all – well

The Datapak Order Management System is an automated, streamlined order direction and management solution.  Quit worrying about manual processes, an ancient system or the inefficient juggle of multiple third-party providers. Better fulfill your promises and exceed expectations with our OMS. It empowers you to drive your business to the next level and ensures complete control of the customer orders you’ve worked hard to earn.

Whether you have a single product or extensive consumer ecommerce catalog site or sell through multiple channels including mom-and-pop shops and big-box retailers, the Datapak Order Management System provides complete, end-to-end management of the order lifecycle . This will enable you to efficiently manage inventory, orders and customer information better than ever and get access to robust reporting and insight that accelerates growth.

Efficient, complete order lifecycle management

Kickstarted within a few minutes of order placement, our real-time OMS manages order capture, order validation and fraud detection, order release, shipping, customer communications, returned merchandise processing, customer care and marketing campaign performance. Within your OMS dashboard, benefit from intuitive views into these areas.

No cookie cutters used

Our system is a highly flexible and scalable technology that grows with our clients.  Our clients choose us when they’ve outgrown the common cookie-cutter OM systems, when they want a highly scalable solution that will grow with their business and when they discover inefficiencies with their existing system.

Seamless syncing

Our OMS integrates seamlessly and automatically syncs with the Datapak order fulfillment system and other distribution/fulfillment partners.

Analyze away

In one central location, enjoy visibility into every aspect of each order’s journey.

Programs of all complexity levels welcome

The Datapak Order Management System is nimble, serving  programs of all sizes – from basic, one product ecommerce sites to programs with needs such as split shipments, drop shipping, multiple channel distribution, personalized and custom products and customer communications, auto-recurring payments/subscriptions and others.

Real-time, simplified inventory management

Enjoy constant real-time, reliable views of your inventory to ensure efficient demand planning. Check stock levels and receive automatic notifications when your merchandise reaches defined minimum quantity levels to ensure your customers are happy and your store remains well stocked with products.

Ample reporting and data analysis

With 24/7 access to Datapak’s proprietary Dataview, you’ll benefit from an intuitive, robust view into your business’ performance. You’ll have instant, reliable insight into profitability, customer buying patterns and data, product and inventory levels and campaign performance.

This ample data and reporting flexibility will provide powerful insight, better arming you to make strategic, critical improvements and business decisions.

  • Inventory levels
  • Buying patterns
  • Returns
  • Sales performance
  • Customer retention
  • Continuity/auto-ship/subscription program churn
  • Comparative performance
  • Advertising/marketing investment returns
  • Customer care statistics and metrics

Benefit from immediate access to dozens of powerful reports. Custom reports for your particular needs are available, too.

Subscription commerce experts


Call it what you want – subscription, continuity, auto-ship, product replenishment or retention management – we know it inside and out. Datapak has been successfully managing and customizing systems to power continuity and subscription programs for major consumer brands for more than 20 years.

Our sophisticated subscription program enables  recurring, automatic payments of varying frequencies. Updates to subscription program details, including the following, can be made within seconds:

  • Product swapping
  • Frequency updates
  • Ship-to locations
  • Billing information
  • Cancellation

This flexible system also enables brands to offer their subscribers’ impressive management capabilities – including pausing for a defined time period, changing shipping intervals and dates, changing shipping locations temporarily or permanently, updating product selections and upgrading the offerings.

We’re proud to be one of the world’s leading experts in subscription commerce management and fulfillment.