• We Are Datapak

A preeminent leader in order management and fulfillment, Datapak is well known for providing efficient, scalable and custom services for companies of all sizes. From startups to some of the world’s biggest brands, we were born to bring out the best in everyone we work with.

Milestones, We Have a Few

  • 1988
    Founded as an order management and technology services provider in Livonia, Michigan
  • 1996
    Became a leading, go-to fulfillment provider for brands with both subscription and auto-ship membership programs (ancestor of today’s subscription commerce) due to thorough reporting technology and highly flexible offerings
  • 1999-
    Developed our first client ecommerce site. Beginning with client ABC News, we helped to dramatically impact the news industry as the leading TV program transcript-ordering partner
  • 2005-
    Unveiled real-time order processing and were among the first in the industry to do so. Launched sister company, Forward Information Technologies, improving our ecommerce clients’ payment processing experience
  • 2008-
    Becomes key fulfillment partner for several Fortune 500 clients. Enhanced continuity auto-ship program that contributed to the impressive growth of our client Bare Escentuals
  • 2011
    Delivered various services for consumer ecommerce-based clients who had outgrown their shopping platforms
  • 2013
    Introduced DP250, an ecommerce website development and marketing agency under the Datapak brand umbrella
  • 2015
    Further enhanced our subscription and auto-ship program capabilities by delivering unparalleled flexibility in achieving ecommerce fulfillment
  • 2016
    Took spot as the preeminent leading digital subscription commerce fulfillment company
  • 2017
    Became ISO 9001 and 13485 certified
  • 2020
    Proud to be named an essential business during the height of COVID-19; shipping vitamins, dietary supplements, cleaning supplies, food, and other items to customers in need
  • 2022
    Given Certificate of Conformance for GMP Requirements for Warehouse and Distribution of Dietary Supplements by United Laboratories
  • 2023
    Warehouse expansion, adding over 37,000 additional sq feet of warehouse space.

What Datapak Does Best